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Create an event
  1. From your Workplace homepage, click Create at the top of the left panel.
  2. Click Events.
  3. Fill in the name, start date, start time and description. Find out more about creating recurring events.
  4. You can also add a cover photo for your event. For best results, choose photos that are 1200x628 pixels (about a 2:1 ratio) and click Next.
  5. Choose your event location from: On Workplace, External video call or In person.
    • If your event location is External video call, you need to add the event link.
    • If your event is In person, add an address or venue.
  6. If your event is On Workplace, you can choose who can see your event. Choose from Organization, Private or Group.
    • You can also go live directly from a group of your choice by going to it and clicking More and choosing Events.
  7. You can also invite hosts and send calendar invitations.
  8. Once you have chosen your event settings, click Create event.
  9. Click Prepare broadcast to go to Live Producer to set up your event, or you can click Go to event to make changes to your event.
You can find out more about adding hosts to your event.
Discover events in your Workplace
  1. From your Workplace homepage, click See More in the left panel.
  2. Click Events and choose Discover events in the left panel.
  3. Click on the top right to choose from Recommended, Most popular and Upcoming events.
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